SAP Conversational AI

SAP Conversational AI – a chatbot solution from SAP

What are chatbots?

Chatbots are newish technologies, their main goal is communication with the customers. If your business has a website, where a lot of people ask questions, and you have to answer the same questions hundred times a day, you have the option to integrate a chatbot into your webpage, that will do this annoying work.

Chatbots run on different NLPs (neuro-linguistic programming) – which are good for language recognition and they are capable of learning from previous communications. You can serve your customers with an easy solution to chat with your bot just like they would on any social network platforms. Nowadays people chat more in text than talk, so it is perfect for them, too.


SAP Conversational AI has a lot in common with any chatbot solutions, the biggest advantage of it is the out-of-the-box integration capability with SAP systems, especially with Contact Centres.

It has a fancy web development page where you can train your bot, and it comes better with every single conversation! If the chatbot cannot answer a question, the integration can navigate the customer to a flesh-and-blood operator. Then the operator can communicate with the user via text message, or even a call.

SAP delivers its solution with a lot of predefined languages, the most common ones – like English, German, and Spanish – come with native support and advanced recognition capabilities.

How to do it?

You must create an account on the SAP CAI website, where you can develop your chatbot. Most of it is the training part, in which you have to teach your chatbot what to answer to the different questions. After the development, you ONLY have to include a five-row JavaScript to your website and done. Your chatbot comes alive, and your operator can sit back a little after they have answered the same questions all the time. Now they only have to help only then when your chatbot is not able to answer.